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Only displaying visualization if total number of records above specific threshold


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I'm looking to only display a visualizationif my total filtered set of records is greater than a specific threshold.

I have had partial success using the "Show/Hide" function and limiting by Count(MyColumn), Rule type = Less than, Value = 10. This seems to work for individual records within a bar chart.

For example, if I have 4 distinct values in a bar chart (15, 13, 9, 4), it will only show the 15 and 13 bars.However, I'm looking for the total records within that filtered setto be above a specific number before the visualization is displayed. Otherwise, I'd like it to display a custom message on an empty background.

In my above example, I have 41 total records, so the visualization would be seen. However if Icontinued to filter using property controls and the total number of rows dips below 10, I'd like the visualization to disappear (and preferably allow me to add custom text).

Thanks for any insight.

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