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Swagger Connection

Vincent Thuilot 2

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Is there a way to connect to a Swagger platform and load the data from the different APIs

For instance this onehttps://petstore.swagger.io/v2/swagger (from https://petstore.swagger.io/).

How can I import the results of an HTTPGET request

Would it be via Python or is there a connector, could someone share a step by step guidance

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Vincent,

Python would be a good way to read from an API/rest service like this as you can easily create a Pandas data table from the results to pass back to Spotfire. You can also use an IronPython script but I think Python would be the more flexible and easy approach. ANother alternative is that some API's can be consumed directly using Spotfire's OData connectorif they use the OData standards.

Alternatives would be to use Spotfire ADS a.k.a. TIBCO Data Virtualization (TDV)if you have access to these as they can read APIs also and then connect Spotfire to TDV.

Hope this helps,


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