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How to display column names on x axis of a bar chart

Tom Hansen 2

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I am a total novice with spotfire and I think that there is a very straightforward an easy solution to my problem. I have a data table which looks like this:


Description Col A Col B

ABC 3 -0.5

DXA -0 4

UAD 2.1


I would like to generate a bar graph with information about the selected row when hovering over a given row.

Specifically, when clicking the first row, a bar chart should pop up, where each bar corresponds to a column and the height (value) of the column is given by the element of the column in that row. Ideally, a new title should also be generated, which corresponds to the "Description" column. I have attached a simple draft of what I am imagining when I click the first row.

I feel like there should be a straightforward way to do this, but so far I was unsuccessful.

Any help is much appreciated!

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