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date rows based dataset from event rows based dataset

Tyler Parker

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This may not be exactly what you are looking for (if not, maybe you can provide some example data - what you have and what you want), but in general, using a pivot transformation (or unpivot depending on the use case) can be a good way to flip your data like that. As an example, here's an example of some fake event data that I have pivoted to get one row per Date, using a Count to aggregate the EventType data.


See the TIBCO Spotfire Analyst manual for more information about the Pivot transformation:https://docs.tibco.com/pub/sfire-analyst/11.6.0/doc/html/en-US/TIB_sfire-analyst_UsersGuide/index.htm#t=data%2Fdata_details_on_pivot_data.htm&rhsearch=pivot&rhhlterm=pivot&rhsyns=%20


Best Regards


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