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Export to PowerPoint in Webplayer throws and exception

Odin Herjan

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Spotfire 11.4.2 in Azure

When trying to Export a rapport to Powerpoint in Webplayer, we are met with the following error:

"The task could not be completed. Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation."

No further explanation in the logs on the TSS server.

When opening a rapport in Analyst and Exporting to PowerPoint it opens fine.

What could be the cause of this

We have speculated that there might be some permissions required for the webplayer to launch Powerpoint, but not sure where that would be set/manipulated.

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Such events from inside the analysis are logged in the web player /NM logs. You can go to Monitoring & Diagnostics and set the log level to debug for Servers and Node managers. Reproduce the issue  and then download global Spotfire troubleshooting bundle You should see more informaiton in the most releveant Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.Host.Debug.3xx3xxx............  files in the node manager logs.


You may raise a ticket with TIBCO support for troubleshooting on this attaching the logs and more information .  

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