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How to access the REST API admin on TIBCO Server

Gabriel Dausque

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Hi Tibco SpotfireCommunity,

I'm currently working on a tool that spotfire admin can use to check if installation of a specific custom spotfire extension is correctly installed. The tool check license, preference, etc ... but we also want to check the deployment and webplayer state (does the webplayer plugin correctly set, does a custom configuration is correctly set, etc ....). In order to do that, on Spotfire 10.X, I was using that kind of endpoint :




And also the WebRequestFactory.CreateSpotfireWebRequest method to create an authorize request.

Now with the Spotfire 11.X version, it seems that those method are not sufficient for authentication, as I received a 401 HTTP error each time I'll try to get response from all those endpoints.

Looking on the documentation of REST Api it seems that now we need to register an oauth client on server side with a specific scope to be able to get access to public api. But I didn't find the specific scope to use, if it is set as a public API. The swagger doc also doesn't present any document for an "admin" scope...

So does the admin REST api is available for external use, If so what is the correct scope to declare for a native client to use it

Thanks for your help

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