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Where to find and how to apply hotfix for Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities in Spotfire Server 10.9

David Baltar Boilève

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There is no service pack/hotfix for version 10.9 specifically (there are service packsfor 10.10 LTS, 11.4. LTS and 11.6 available on the TIBCO eDelivery site - https://edelivery.tibco.com) but for all affected versions (7.9 and higher), there are mitigation instructions available.

Please refer to to TIBCO Knowledge Base article TIBCO Spotfire Resolution and Mitigation for Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities (Log4Shell) - https://support.tibco.com/s/article/TIBCO-Spotfire-Mitigation-for-CVE-2021-44228-Log4Shell

For general TIBCO information on this topic, please refer to Apache Log4J Vulnerability Daily Update - https://www.tibco.com/support/notices/2021/12/apache-log4j-vulnerability-update


Best Regards

Fredrik Rosell (TIBCO)

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