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Want to perform Sentimental Analysis using Tibco Spotfire


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Hi Experts,

I have to perform demo on sentimental analysis using tibco spotfire but dont know from where to start if there is any demo dxp for the same with any one then please share.

Any help would be highly appricated.







Thanks a lot in Advance.

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To perform a sentiment analysis, you need to use TIBCOSpotfireAttivio AIE, to process your data and then you can import that data into Spotfire to display.


You can see the documentation for Attivio AIE here, which includes a Quick Start Guide:




To import the data to Spotfire you can use a JDBC connection to the Attivio database to access it via Information Links, or you can use the Attivio Data Connector (http://support.spotfire.com/sr_spotfire_dataconnectors.asp#attivio)



You could also use R/TERR with packages like RSentiment:







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I just ran a Dr.Spotfire session on doing this very thing through Spotfire. However, it was using the Python Data Function to call the text analytics services in AWS and Azure. I aim to publish a wiki and blog article containing the code shortly. The session is here in case it is useful:


Other alternatives would be to use Python and Tensorflow or Keras for example and call these from Spotfire.



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