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Update filters according to markings

Sarra Belkadhi

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Hello, I want my filters to be set according to the markings, so that when each employee from my dataset clicks on his name, only data related to him appears, not data from all employees of all dataset, I have stumbled on these pages:

an option for retreiving the values marked using ironpython:



option to set filters:


but I dont know how touse the output of first reference as input in second script.

Could anyone help me with the coding please

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

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I have done this using data tables and filters. I would have 1 datasource that has all the employee names (with/without their Employee Numbers). I would create a filter and put theirs on top.

I would then create a relationship with all the other data tables from that single data table. In my case I used the EmployeeID = SalesRepID on the different tables.

Under each Data Table on the filters you would select the Include Filters Rows Only.


Once that is done, if you select an employee on the filter it will limit the data which will then limit the below filters also.

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