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Mismatch redirect URI error

Gita Gayatri Sahoo

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Hi All,

I have configured Google sheet connector in Spotfire. I'm able to connect to Google sheet in Spotfire Analyst. But, while opening a DXP file in Spotfire webplayer that contains a Google sheets (custom) connector connection, I'm getting a prompt to authenticate by Signing In to Google. When I click it, I'm getting an 'error:400 redirect uri mismatch' which Ihave attached below.

From error it is saying to register the redirect URI in Google developer console. I have already added the redirect URIs while configuring for web client. Is there any other way where I can register the redirect uri

Please help here to debug this issue. Any small hint will be appreciated.


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I guess I am a step ahead of you but stuck at an error.

I have been able to successfully load sheets data into analyst, but when i open the same analysis in webplayer, it prompts for google auth. On login, it even asks me to allow access to files to sporfire-connector. But after that it throws an error for authorization.


I believe you need to check and fix your web url in config.

take example of the sample link in user-guide. https://spotfire.tibco.com/spotfire/wp/oauth2/code

make sure to correctly use http or https and use full domain-name for your server.

I had tried with spotfire/spotfire/wp... earlier and got the same error as you.

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