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Displaying Spotfire Dashboard in Sharepoint

Wee Loon Goh

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Yes you can do that. You could embed it usingan iframe.

You can get the iframe code directly from Spotfire. To do so please go to the dashboard you'd like to embed through a webpage.Thenfrom the web:

File -> Share -> Copy link -> Advanced: HTML embed code

You can select which features you'd like to show (or hide) by enabling/disabling checkboxes. (These options will automatically change the iframe code.)

This code can be used in sharepoint.

Kind regards,

Alain Martens

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You can make use fo the extensive javascript API to embed Spotfire Analystics into custom web portals.



This is more robust than the iframe solutions. You have a lot more control on how you wnat to embed and handleSpotfire authentications seamlessly.

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