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How to create independent visualization on 3 or more pages

Chad Thompson

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I saw an earlier message regarding creating independent visualizations across 2 pages. How would I do that for 3 or more I assume it would be the same process but, I must be missing a step. I am trying to create 4 or 5 pages where each page contains data filter by year..i.e. [page 1(2017-2021), page2(2018-2021), page3(2019-2021), etc]. I am successful for the first two pages but, I can't seem to get the third page to be independent.

I right click on the visualizaition that i wish to become independent, then properties, then data. Then under Data limiting: I select a new marker (in this case yellow). Then move up the display and select Marking (2) from the drop down. I then select All data from the 'If no items are marked in the master visualizations, show:' field.

There is a Limit data using filterings: I tried a variety of combinations here with no success. and then i click close.

The result is page 1 is independent but, page 2 and 3 and beyond seem to mirror any changes made.

Any suggestion on where my mistakes are would be greatly appreciated.

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By default your document has one dafault markning ('Marking') and one default filtering scheme ('Filtering scheme').

If you want completly independent visualization I suggest you create as many filtering schemes as pages you have. And do the same with markings. Please give your filtering schemes and markings a meaningful name.

Go to FILE -> DOCUMENT PROPERTIES -> MARKINGS/FILTERING SCHEMES and create whatever you need. (This is maybe a better way than to create them from your visualization prperties)

Apply the respective filtering scheme to each page. Check the Spotfire HELP to learn more about Filtering Schemes!

All visualizations that you create will by default have the option to limit the data by the active filtering scheme from your page. (But you can change this in the properties as well.)

You should not use the option "limit data by marking" if you want to display all data from the active filtering. This option should be used for detailled visualizations.

The combination of filtering schemes and markings is an essentiel feature of Spotfire to built great dashboards. Take some dummy data to play around and learn how they work.

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