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Hyperlinks: How to change the long URL that's displayed with a word

Sarra Belkadhi

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Hello Selma


I assume this question is about TIBCO Spotfire If not, please edit this post and associate it with the correct product.

If the question is about using a Link renderer in e.g. a Table plot in Spotfire, to show hyperlinks, I'm not aware of any way you could change the displayed value. It's a great idea though, that I encourage you to create an idea for in the TIBCO Ideas portal: https://ideas.tibco.com


Best Regards


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Hi @Mabel Barba​ and @Sarra Belkadhi​ or anyone else interested in this feature, this idea is listed in the Ideas portal as 'future consideration' https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/SPF-I-852 6 similar ideas have been consolidated so far.

If you vote for and subscribe to the idea, you will be informed if it makes it into a future product release. You can also add comments to justify your specific request. That is very valuable to our product managers who might get in touch for more information if they get closer to evaluating or building this feature.

Hope that helps!


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