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Allow users to save to library from Web Player without giving "Editing" rights

Luke George

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I want to give users the ability to save an analysis to the library from the Spotfire Web Player. This option is normally greyed out, and as far as I can tell (and seemingly accroding to this pagehttps://support.tibco.com/s/article/Why-is-Save-as-Library-item-option-g...) the only way to give users save functionality is to give them some kind of functionality to "Edit" the analysis. This seems strage to me. Is there a way to allow users to save the analysis to library without giving them "Editing" rights
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Hello Luke,


Editing rights basically means having access to the "Business Author" license, i.e. the ability to author content in the web client - more restricted users would only have viewer rights,, with the "Consumer" license, allowing them to only consume/view already existing analyses. When you e.g. create an analysis from scratch in a web client, starting with importing some data, you will automatically be in the editing mode from the start.

Maybe you could start by describing the use case a bit more Do you e.g. want those users to be able to create analyses from scratch themselves, or are they starting from existing analysesAs you don't want to give the users the ability to edit the analysis, what are the types of changes to the analysis that they may have done that they should be able to save Note that if you have personalized view enabled for an analysis, it will save the state of the analysis (like filtering, what page they were on etc) for every web client user.


Best Regards


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Hey Fredrik, thanks for the response. To give you a bit more information, I dont want users to be able to create analyses from scratch, they are starting with existing analyses. The changes they can make are editing document properties, filtering etc, but also running python scripts through those document properties and buttons that pull in new data and manipulate data in the analysis. Thats why I want the users to be able to save the analysis with the data in the current state.
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Hello Luke


So at least parts of this should definitely work just using the personalized views (aka Web player states), so you should definitely start by making sure that you are using that. That means there will only be one analysis in the library, but when different users open that analysis, it opens up with the filterings, document properties they have entered etc the last time they used it. 


In Spotfire Analyst, open that analysis and then check File menu > Document Properties > Library Tab > Remember personalized view for each Web Player user.


If you go beyond what can be stored in the personalized views, I think you may need to turn your users into authors but if you open a support case, where you may be able to share more exact details, it's possible that our support team can help you identify additional options.    


Have a great weekend!





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