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Time Series Analytics on Team Studio

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Do you have a sample model or a use-case that already built in Team Studio to show how the prediction can be built for time series

We are building a predictive model for a road traffic data collected from one of the states. The real data we have shows the number of vehicles passed at certain location at certain point of time. The goal is to build a predictive model to estimate the number of vehicles for the near future.

Of course, there are a lot of other variable / features that must be taken in consideration for such prediction, but we are building this as a proof of concept to one of our customers.

I already have access tohttp://partnerstsdemo.tibco.com/Team Studio and if you have some samples will be great.

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Hi Ahmed,

You can look at usingthe ARIMA operator. We used it for electricity demand forecasting. The documentation page for this operator isdocs.tibco.com/pub/sfire-dsc/6.6.0/doc/html/TIB_sfire-dsc_user-guide/GUID-26FB4D47-9071-48EA-B43D-D251D2310BD2.html

It is straightforward to apply toa time-series dataset, although you do need to know the parameters in advance.

Here is a brief video for reference - showing use of Arima in Team Studio at the end -https://www.youtube.com/watchv=g6iUDryiLzg

Also for general education on timeseries nearcasting/forecasting options including Arima, Prophet, check our this dr Data Science session, although I suspect you found that one already. https://www.youtube.com/watchv=TozVIN-a6IE&list=PLnmoGGHHJldhsvX2yJja0h...

For workflow examples to use in your Team Studio instance, you can look at the workspaces tagged 'vertical playbook' as some of them such ashospital re-admission or flight delay show other forecasting examples (not time-series). These workflows often show different models and allow you to compare and pick the one with the best result.Make sure you create your own copy if you'd like to modify any of these for your own use.

If you need more assitance let us know,

Heleen Snelting

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Hi Heleen,


Your input was really appreciated. Thank you very much.


I was looking for a model that uses ARIMA already but couldnt find anything. By all means, I have built my model around it and I got some interesting results. I might need some fine-tuning the model to obtain more realistic values.


I will keep you posted in case more assistant is needed.


Thank you again.



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