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Month name from date column

Keyur Parekh 2

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Hi All,

Quick question - I want to create a calculated column to reflect month name as a string like "Jan", "Feb"... based on date coulumn, what is the formula for this I tried Month([Date Column]) and formatted it as string and I get the desired result however the data type of this column reflects integer even if it is formatted as string - this is creating issues with column matches from another data table due to integer/string conflict.

Does anyone knows any other formula that simply convert date to month name "Jan", "Feb" as a string

Thank you so much.


Keyur Parekh

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Hello Keyur,

Try the below things at your end to achieve your goal:

Case when Month([date column])=1 then "Jan"

when Month([date column])=2 then "Feb"

when Month([date column])=3 then "Mar"

when Month([date column])=4 then "Apr"

when Month([date column])=5 then "May"

when Month([date column])=6 then "Jun"

when Month([date column])=7 then "Jul"

when Month([date column])=8 then "Aug"

when Month([date column])=9 then "Sep"

when Month([date column])=10 then "Oct"

when Month([date column])=11 then "Nov"

when Month([date column])=12 then "Dec"


Hope it helps.


Manoj Singh

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