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Visualisation to show a rolling snap shot of how many requests are over 50days old each week

Stacey McWaters

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Hi all,

Sample Data Table attached.

I have a list of requests with dates of when they were created, when the review period began, when the review was completed, and when the request was closed. There is a calculated column (in spotfire) to determine the age of the request from when it was created until when the review was completed. We need a graph to show a rolling snap shot each monday of how many tickets are over 50days. This means the same ticket will show up in multiple weeks once it goes over 50days until it is closed. Currently i am only able to get the ticket to show up once on the week it is closed (Category Axis being the review end column). Does any one know how i can get the graph to show the count of tickets over 50days each week

Thanks in advance

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