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How to identify/acknowledge a project is active from report dates

Dallas Dye 2

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i recieve daily reports from 27 different projects, instead of updating a 2nd spreadsheet to swith projects from active to paused to invoiced, to complete, i would be time ahead if i can simply create an active project column that would be carried to all previous report dates to bring in all the information from the data table to the daily spotfire report.



step one build a calculated column using if function on dates that labels the row active project if the date is the same as today or previous date


the projects that didn't have an active report would be null




when [Report Date]=Today() then "Today"

when [Previous Day]=[Report Date] then "Today"

Else "Not Today"






step 2, figure out a calculated column to apply the Active project on the last day (report day = today) to all previous reports of the active projects.



Thank you as alwasy TIBCO Community, you all are undefediated!

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