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Convert excel function to Spotfire function

Allyson Brockwell

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I am trying to convert the following excel function into a spotfire function:

=IF(COUNTBLANK(INDIRECT("$D"&$K12):INDIRECT("$D"&$L12))=0,"All packages have weights","Missing some package weights")

Background on the function:

Every row has a column that shows which is the first row and last row to contain the same value in column A - these are columns K (first) and L (last) in the function

The function is suppose to look at all the rows that contain the same value in column A and check is there are any blanks within column B; if there are no blanks enter "All packages have weights" but if there are blanks enter "Missing some package weights" in a new column

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Do you need an actual data function written or can a calculated column work  Would it be possible for you to attach a spreadsheet of sample data so we can understand your situation a little bit better  I feel like we could help you create a calculated column but just need to see how you have your spreadsheet set up a little more clearly.
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