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How to filter by unique values of a column

Fred E

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I am wondering if someone could help me to add a filter by unique values of a column so whenI choose any of those values the graphs related to that value to be shown. I have tried to use y-axis by set from property it didn't work also custom expression didn't work either.


Besides, is there any way to show the filters not by "inserting filters" in text area Make them for instance like a list box or a drop down


I really appreciate any help on any of these questions.




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Hi Fred,

Not sure if you are looking for a script or something else. But example scripts can be foundhere:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/ironpython-scripting-tibco-spotfire.

If you just want to activate the filters panel (and don't want to use the text area), you can activate and tailormade your filters (setting the type, setting which columns you want to use for filtering).

You should be able to find more information on the filters panel in teh Help of Spotfire.

Kind regards,

David Boot-Olazabal

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