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Saving one table as Linked to Source and other as embedded.

barry pegado

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Hi All,

I have a Analysis which has 2 data table.On which i have created a Automation job which includes 2 task:

1.Open Analysis from Library.

2.Save Analysis to Library.

While saving analysis to library it has a option to embed data in analysis. I would like to embed only one of the data tables and not both.

Any idea how i can acheive this


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Open the report and go to:


Edit > Data Table Properties


For table 1 > General Tab > Store data > Linked to source

For table 2 > General Tab > Store data > Embedded in analysis




Then when saving the report, dont choose the option to embed/store all data. That way table 1 will be loaded live and table 2 will just use the embedded data.

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