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DropDown based on column values - how to capture value from another column in the same row (into Document Property)

Przemek Stasica

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Hi, I have a table with two columns, e.g.:

ID, Names

I'd like to have a dropdown in text area to be able to select from the Names column (and this selection can be captured into 'chosen Name' Document Property) but I'd also like to capture the corresponding ID value into anotherDocument Property 'Chosen ID'.

Is there any built-in mechanism to achive that

(actually I could skip the Name capturing and only capture the ID ifthere was a way to do that)

Many thanks for any tips!

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You can create a TERR data function that takes your table and your document property as input. The function should use your doc property to filter the table (Names column) and then return the ID as a new doc property. This should be straight forward. Keep in mind that names might not be unique. So what should happen if there are two or more people with the same name

Let me know if you need more support with the function.

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