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overlaying scatter plot on bar chart

Sundaram Sridharan

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I am trying to show the points that contributed to each of the bar in the bar chart. All the previous requests of this sort in this forum elicited the response "use lines and curves" to draw the bar in scatter plot. However I am not able to use any of the options in there to draw a line that looks like a bar chart. The best I could come up with was a straight line fit which I tried to trellis (on the category axis items) . Once trellised it said all x points are the same and refused to draw the vertical line.
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Are the bars showing the average or median of the values If yes, then you can try the scatter plot option again and then use a line showing Avg([Y]).


Another alternative to display your data could be a box plot. Here, you could use the option to "show distribution". In particular for a large data set the distribution (=histogramm) might be more useful then a scatter plot. You can use the statistics table to get additional informatiion about your data.


PS: You should not reply with an "answer" but with an "comment". Otherwise your question will be marked as answered

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