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install zoo throwing error

Caleb Pollock

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A simple Spotfire data function calling R package "zoo" was functioning properly then began throwing the error pasted below. Permissions in the obvous places don's seem to be the issue. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.



TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R returned an error (2)


The expression function 'LinearInterpolate' could not be executed.


Error in unzip(zipFile) : error calling zip command

error: cannot create ./zoo/CITATION

No such file or directory

checkdir error: cannot create ./zoo/demo

No such file or directory


eval(script, envir = .GlobalEnv)

eval(script, envir = .GlobalEnv)



lapply(archiveFiles, function(archiveFile) tools:::.install_packages(paste(collapse = "nextArg",

FUN(X[], ...)

tools:::.install_packages(paste(collapse = "nextArg", sep = "",

install.packages_from_local(pkgFiles = pkgs, install_opts = install_opts)

lapply(pkgFiles, function(pkgFile) install.package_from_local(pkgFile = pkgFile,

FUN(X[], ...)

install.package_from_local(pkgFile = pkgFile, install_opts)

install.package_win.binary.zip(pkgFile, install_opts = install_opts)

.inDirectory(lib, unzip(zipFile))


stop("error calling zip command", details)

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