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I marked a range of data in my analysis and then selected Marked rows > Filter to. Spotfire createsa new filter called "Filtered to a 5:34:11 PM." Then, I set a bookmark called Bookmark_1 to save that view of selected data. To again go back and view all of the data in my analysis, I have to clear the filter that Spotfire created, "Filtered to a 5:34:11 PM." But once I do that, applying my bookmark throws an error stating the following:

"The following issues were detected when applying bookmark 'Bookmark_1' (4)

The filter 'Filtered to at 5:34:11 PM' does not exist. The filter organization cannot be applied.

The marking 'Marking' for data table 'DATA_TABLE_NAME' cannot be applied. Columns or rows may have been added or deleted without key columns defined."

Why doesn't Bookmark_1 save the filter settings What do I have to do differently to make this work

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