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IronPython export Cross table to Excel but corrupted data

Bill Koppelman

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I am using the IronPython code from the solution here:https://community.spotfire.com/questions/exporting-data-tables-cross-or-modified-calculated-columns-excelcsv to export my cross table to excel. However, when I open the excel file, I get an error (pic attached) that says the file is corrupted or unsafe. When I click yes to open it anyways, the data is all there in working order.

Is there something wrong in the code that is causing this error

import System

from System.IO import FileStream, FileMode

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import TablePlot

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Export import DataWriterTypeIdentifiers

import clr



from System.Windows.Forms import SaveFileDialog

SaveFile = SaveFileDialog()

SaveFile.Filter = "Excel Workbook (*.xls)|*.xls"


saveFilename = SaveFile.FileName


from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import VisualContent,TablePlotColumnSortMode

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Export import DataWriterTypeIdentifiers

from System.IO import File, StreamWriter

writer = Document.Data.CreateDataWriter(DataWriterTypeIdentifiers.ExcelXlsDataWriter)

stream = StreamWriter(saveFilename)

te = crossTable.As[VisualContent]()


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I think it has to do with the line:

writer = Document.Data.CreateDataWriter(DataWriterTypeIdentifiers.ExcelXlsDataWriter)

This writer is not referenced again, instead the StreamWriter is used to export the data.  I'm struggling with the same error and do not know the solution.

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