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Spotfire Server Analyst Downgrading from Server

Brian Broad

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Hello Brian,


I would start by verifying a few basic things first - that the correct version is deployed, and that your Analyst is connecting to the right server and the right area.


1. Verify that you have successfully deployed the TIBCO Spotfire 10.3.4 distribution to a deployment area on your server (including saving the area).

When you download TIBCO Spotfire Server from the TIBCO eDelivery site (https://edelivery.tibco.com/), this distribution is the file named TIB_sfire_deploy_10.3.4.zip.

In your TIBCO Spotfire Server Admin page, open Deployments & packages, select the deployment area, and confirm that the version of e.g. the core (windows) package is 39.4.15705.3754 (or higher), which corresponds to version 10.3.4.



Note: if you want to have the very latest 10.3.x fixes, you can simply download and deploy the latest hotfix instead from https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/list-hotfixes-tibco-spotfire-clients-analyst-web-player-consumerbusiness-author-and-automation#toc-14. That gives you the service pack (10.3.4) but with some additional fixes.


2. When starting your Analyst, during login, check the server URL and confirm that you are connecting to the right server (if you have multiple).

3. If you have multiple deployment areas, confirm that you are connecting to the right deployment area.


Best Regards


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