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Closing an analysis in the web client via IronPython script doesn't work with remembering the personalized view for web client users

Matthias Bittner

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Hi all,

I have a Dashboard/Analysis including a TextArea with an Action control. The action control executes a script which just closes the analysis:

import Spotfire.Dxp.Application


Furthermore, I activated under "File->Document Properties->Library" the checkbox "Remember personalized view for each web client user"(see attachment). Now, if I save the dashboard to the library and open the dashboard via a browser, the user can change the filters and if she/he closes the analysis via "File->close", the filter settings will be remember so when she/he opens the analysis again, the same filter settings are applied. However, if the user closes the analysis via the action control (which is the purpose) the filter settings will not be remembered.

The question is, can I somehow expand the code in a way that the "remember personalized view for each web client user" works properly In what way it the IronPython script different from closing the analysis via "File->close"

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