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failed during upgrading from 7.5 to 10.10.6

Chunlai Tao

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hi There

I am trying to upgrade spotfire server from 7.5 to 10.10.6, failed after capturingdatabase connection from the previous version, it report error:unable to determine the site that the server belongs to, error while looking up the site for the node, the current version 7.5 is working fine, no issue to connect to database, what is the cause how can I check



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You are likely encountering an issue, very recently discovered, related to changes that occurred in version 7.9, that could result in this error when upgrading from TIBCO Spotfire Server versions =10.10. If so, for now, a workaround would to upgrade to an intermediate version- I recommend 10.3.13 - and then upgrade to 10.10.6.

For further analysis, I recommend that you open a support case for this (on the TIBCO Support Portal - https://support.tibco.com), and include your upgrade logs when doing so (zip [TIBCO Spotfire Server 10.10 install directory]toolsupgradelogs and attach that).


Best Regards


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