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Loding time Spotfire & Snowflake vs Athena

Samuel Stegmeyer

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Hi everyone,


I have the following issue: If I am loading a specific table from Athena and Snowflake (ODBC) into Spotfire, the query time in Snowflake is 3 times faster but loading the data into Spotfire takes 2 times longer than with Athena.

Athena loads it asSBDF and with Snowflake it "read rows...". Could that be a reason

I know that I could use Snowflake as exteranl source but in some dashboards requesting the new data all the time is just time consuming (Scanning 40 GBs for 30 rows for each click on a graph).

Any advice would be highly appreciated!


Right now Spotfire is a huge bottleneck in regards to snowflakes fast query time.

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