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TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R returned an error in my Spotfire Web

Marco Cruz

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Hi guys

I have added this dynamic unpivot script in spotfire analyst desktopto automate column unpivoting, I have ticked the 'refresh function automatically' (so data function runs as soon as I open it)and thisruns smoothly in Spotfire Analyst Desktop but when I open the dashboard in the spotfire web player I am getting this message:

"TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R returned an error

The data function '[Preparation] Dynamic Unpivot' could not be executed.

Error in library(pkg, character.only = TRUE) : there is no package called 'reshape2'"

It is saying that there is no package called reshape2, but I do have it installed in my spotfire analyst desktop. Can you please help me with this

I have attached the image to show what I have currently installed on my spotfire analyst desktop version.



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