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Data Label - Only Display First or Last Value

Dimitri Critsinelis

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I have a scatter plot that disctintly shows tesdI have a scatter plot (image attached) that shows multiple points that segment into distinct lines. If you look at the image you can see that each line has its own unique identifier (X, Y, Z, etc.). However, when I add a data label to this scatterplot, it shows the identifier for every point on that line. So, each unique line has its data label duplicated. How can I get the data label to only show one unique label for each of these, preferably the first or last value.
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Some calculated columns will help you.

When you can group your lines into X,Y,Z then you can also rank your datafor X,Y,Z. And then you can also check for min (=first) or max (=last). Use this info within an if clause to place your label into a calculated column only for min and/or max. Than use this column as label information.

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