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How do I delete only one side of the whisker on a graph in STATISTICA

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Dear All,

I have few graphs (generated from repeated measures ANOVA>All effects/Graphs) showing the dataminute-by-minute. Each data point has a positive and a negative spread representing the standard errors. However, Iwas requested to modify my graphs so that only one side of the whisker (e.g.: only the positive) is visible. Is that possible in STATISTICA (v., I am not familiar with the program code. The only other option I see right now is to manually remove them in powerpoint, which would take up unneccessarily lots of time.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Kind regards,

Csilla Lea Fazekas

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Hi Fazekas,

I don't see any existing option in Statistica that one can choose to display only the right side of the confidence interval.

You may consider to log an enhancement request for this feature to be implemented in Statistica:https://ideas.tibco.com

Good luck and thanks,

Jenny Liu

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