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How to use expression function to color my scatter plot

Camelia Mocanu 2

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Instead of writing this custom expression I suggest to add a calculated column to your data set.

Something like... (I made up some random numbers)



when [your.X.colum] < 1300 and [your.Y.column] > 0 and [your.Y.column] < 75 then "black"


when [your.X.colum] < 10000 and [your.Y.column] >= 75 and [your.Y.column] < 200 then "red"


else "green"


endThen use this column for "color by" and assign the three colors manually

You can also use this in your custom expression. But it's cleaner to have it as a column.

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It looks like a clustering problem. I would suggest you can try to use the function [k-means cluster] to create a clustered column instead of simply relying on expression. Then with the column on your scatter plot. It might be a better way to separate your data to be different groups.

You can watch this video to learn how to do it ==>https://www.youtube.com/watchv=GRaOnzWF1r8

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