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How to apply the indivudual filter for some particular visualization

gurusai sankar

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Hi frds, iam new for spotfire.

I have 4 charts in a page. (Material cost, Total Cost, labor Cost & Entitlement).

I need to create a indivudual filter for Entitlement chart by using Entitlement column. It should not be apply for remaining charts.

when i select and filter with entitlement column in filter search - it should be reflect only for Entitlement chart.


Pls help me ASAP.




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you have to create a filtering scheme and then link it to only that 1 visualization.

Steps below and sample dxp attached.

1. Go to edit-->document Properties, then filtering scheme tab

2. check the box that says show filtering schemes if its not checked

3. click new and create a filtering scheme. Can be named anything

4. create a text area, add a filter. You'll see a drop down for filtering scheme selector, change that to the entitlement filtering scheme created in step 3. Add your filter to text area

5. In the visual you want affected by the entitlement filter, go to properties, data. Then scroll down and you'll see where it says 'Limit data using filterings:". Make sure only the entitlements filtering scheme is checked

6. Thank the guy who took the time to write this

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