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Can you create a Spotfire dashboard that was made in a newer version (10.10), and open it, or save it as an older version (10.3)

Madelynn McCahill

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I created a dashboard in Spotfire version 10.10, but then realized that the library in which I need to save it into is only available in version 10.3. So I installed version 10.3, andam trying to open the dashboard made in version 10.10 into version 10.3, but it will not let me and I recieve an error message. Is there a way to circumvent thisso that I do not have to completely recreate the dashboard

Thank you!

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This error can be thrown if the user who created the analysis file, had the "SaveCompatibilityVersion" option set to "False", under Tools==>Administration Manager==>Group(which the user belongs to)==>Preferences==>Application==>ApplicationPerferences.


To open the file in the older versions without getting this error, the following steps should be performed. The file must then be re-saved in the current version (in which the file was originally created).


1) Log into Spotfire Analyst Client(current version where the analysis file was created) as an Administrator.

2) Click on Tools==>Administration Manager.

3) Select the Preferences tab.

4) Click on the group that the user(who created the report) belongs to.

5) Under the Preferences tab, expand "Application" and select "ApplicationPerferences".

6) On the right-hand side, look for SaveCompatibilityVersion and set it to "True" or disable it.


Now, save a copy of the file and open it in a supported older version. The file should open successfully.

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