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How to compare SpotFire DXPs

Virendra Rathore

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I need to explore how we can compare two SpotFire Analysis DXPs.

Question comes from migration background.

Say we have a working analysis in production.

Some one makes modification to the analysis in development environment. Now they want to migrate this copy as the fresh analysis for production.

Before we do that, we need a mechanism to compare both copies and clearly see what are there differences.

So that post merge/replacement, nobody has to repent for things like unintended deleted components etc.

Please advise if there is any functionality in TIBCO to do this comparison. If not, please guide on how it can be done outside.

I am trying to explore the option of XML comparison, but so far don't see a way to export analysis in XML format.

Thanks a lot.


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As of now ,out of the box there is no easy way to compare 2 dxp files but there is an existing enhancement reported for it. You can vote for this idea here -



There are some 3rd part extensions like these available which you can take a look at -


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