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How to refresh the data on analysis which was data wrangled through Open source R script

roe mon

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I have an analysis wherein i imported and data wrangled my data through open source R Script data function. One of my data source refreshes its data every 10mins and another data source refreshesevery 15mins. The data in my analysis only updates everytime I re-open the analysis.

How can i refresh the data in my analysis

Do i need to run again my open R source script data function for me to be able to refresh the data in my analysis

I am currently using spotfire 10.3 version

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What is your final goal


Should the analysis refresh automatically every X minutes when Spotfire is open This can probably be done with an IronPython script. 


Or do you want to have a button  to start your data function Please use a text area and place an action control there.

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The action button can trigger your R data function directly. There is no need for any iron python scripting if you only want to trigger a simple function.


1. create a new text area


2. right click: edit text area


3. insert action item -> data function (see snapshot)


4. name your button and select your function (see snapshot)




PS: please use "Add Comment" for a regular reply. Only use "Answer" when you have the answer to the question.

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