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Hello Team,

Issue: Trying to import plotly causes Uncaught ReferenceError: plotly is not defined.

Context:I have been using spotfire mod examples from here ->https://github.com/TIBCOSoftware/spotfire-mods and tried to edit existing examples. I tried to install external charting libraries like plotly.js but when I tried to import the package into existing codebase the console log throws Uncaught Reference Error.

I am a js novice and have no experience with webpack.

Steps followed:

1. I used ts-spiderchart-d3 example. I setup the environment by running npm install.

2. Ran npm start and npm run server and verified that spiderchart is loading in spotfire client.

3.Decided to add plotly to it by doing npm install plotly.js --save-dev and npm install @types/plotly.js --save-dev

4. Added import * as Plotly from 'plotly.js';

5. This leads to Uncaught reference error.

Any directions or help will be greatly appreciated.


Adiamaan Keerthi

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