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loess function for multiple columns

Olga Vadzyuk

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Please help us to help you and upload a simplified dxp file. A data table with 3-4columns and a few rows would be sufficient. Your file contains many tables and a lot of data functions. Also, the data is not embedded but linked to some local csv files. 


A few more comments on how you handle the data (input, output: Columns or tables) would be good as well. 

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Thank you for your kindhelp!I have modified file as you recommended: embedded data and deleted some columns and rows.

I have three inputs:

x column - type "Column" (in my data, x - is a "Temperature" column)

y column - type "Column"

Span - type value

and one output:

loess - type table.

It is clear for me why this script process only one column - when I change data type from "column" to "table" - it fails. But how to modify it in a way that it can process all columns at once - its a problem for me now.

Sorry my inexperience, I am new to TIBCO and scripting


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Please use the following script for your data function. The input (input.table) should be a table where you select your x-axis (Temperature) and all y-columns that you want to fit/smooth. If you want to modify the span, you need to create the a document property and add it as input. (This property was not availabe in your file. So, I set it to 0.5)

#get all columns from input table


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