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How to improve performance connecting Spotfire Analyst using Data connection how much performance are expected to improve if we use precached Information Links

Filippo Caminiti

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a customer needs to manage some Spotfire Key Users with privilegies to create dashboards directly in production connecting to some preconfigured data connections which sometimes collect more than 10 M rows.

Issue: Key Users are (of course) not able to open this data connections because the size (in some case 10GB to 32GB!)

On the other hand, prod architecture has been sized to manage dashboards using Oracle Data Connectors leveraging caching on daily basis (2 WebPlayer nodes with 64 GB RAM). No problems on WebPlayer Side.

Options proposed have been:

- change the process and make sure developing occurs on in Test/DEv environment with a subset of data and then migrate to Prod -> not accepted by customer as they want to keep these Key USers as autonomous as possible

- Increase laptop RAM (mitigate but not solve the problem)

- using prefiltered Data connections, but also in this case replacing them with the un-filtered ones conduct to the same issue -> not accepted by customer

- Using Business Author -> Considered too much limited

Question: can we propose using pre-cached Information Links how much performance are expected to improve in this case (Spotfire Analyst connecting to Spotfire Server rather than using Data Connector ) does this solution solve S.Analyst experience but decrease Web-Player performance

What do you think

Thanks and Kind Regards,


NOTE: using Windows Server 2012 R2 and Spotfire 7.5

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