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How to jump from one analysis into another one whilst preserving the data-set

Mark Herrmann

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Hi there,

we've got some fairly complex analyses all starting with the same high level KPI dashboard. Depending on what seems to be an issue from the KPI dashboard we need to drill down into different yet fairly complex in-depth analyses.

So far we've added all these in-depth analyses to the KPI dashboard but quickly it has become overwhelming and performance suffers as well. So we would like to keep these in-depth analyses separate but still be able to jump into them from the KPI dashboard w/o having to start from scratch with data loading/filtering and w/o having to duplicate and maintatin copies of the KPI dashboard in all individual in-depth analyses.

Does anyone know of a technique how to link to a secondary analysis (in-depth analysis) in a way that despite it having prompts it opens up based on input values taken from a primary analysis (the KPI dashboard)



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Hi Mark,

The only thing I can think of, is make use of configuration blocks in the links to the detailed dashboards. You can filter the data in these detailed dashboards, via the configuration block, based on what you define in the KPI dashboard. Ideally, you would use the filters in the configuration block to replace the parameters.

More information can be found here:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/create-configuration-block-tibco-spotfire.

Kind regards,

David Boot-Olazabal

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