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How do I show row value for every row of a Cross Table in Spotfire

Neil Kanungo 2

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There's a little trick where you can use IronPython to hide Header Columns in Cross Tables:

# 'vis' is a script parameter


# Import Modules

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import *


# Set row header column width to 0 (i.e. first column)

vis.As[CrossTablePlot]().RowHeaderWidths.Item[0]=0Why would you want to do this Well, you can add new 'Axes' columns to your cross table for what would be your header column(s), then use the First() aggregation for those columns. In this case the headers are 'Manufacturer' and 'Division':



After doing this, you can use my above script to hide the first column(s) which are really "Header Columns". (Just make sure to adjust the index number in the square [ ] brackets for your column number, with index starting at 0).

Then you can also go back to your axis configuration and make the names prettier:



Maybe I'll make a video on cross table tips like this sometime...

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