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Import CSV-file by Web Client Users

Stefan Probst

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Hello Guys,

I am building a dashboard to analyse CSV-files which are always designed the same way. Until now I am creating a Dashboard for every new CSV-File which is located at a different position on our system.

I really want to know if there is a way to let the Web-client user input the CSV-File by themselves by entering the URL. Maybe with a Data Function or an Iron Python script. So that the Dashboard can be used dynamically.

I would be really happy if someone could help me!


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I did a quick test with a data function and it worked fine when I used the web address of the file ("http://.../../...csv"). But Spotfire couldn't access the file with the actual file path because the file was on a different server. 


The data function would take a document property "path" as input and the output would be a data table "data":


data <- read.csv2(file = path, header = TRUE, sep = ",") 


So, create a text area and place a new input field (document property) and call it "path". Then try this data function.


(This is probably not the full solution. Thus, I post it only as quick comment.)

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Its working to import a CSV-File with a DataFunction. I added a Document property in which a user can add the path to a file. When I lose the Dashboard locally its working. When I share it over the server to the Webclient users its not working for them. I get a error message that the path is not correct.
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