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Spotfire dasboard using Impala ODBC, when published face an issue

ahmed gamal

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We want to create dashboards on spotfire analyst using impala data source and publish it to the server. We can develop the dashboard using this ODBC on one machine, but data can't be retrieved when publishing (save to library) to the server on another machine and error is raised

Impala is on CDH cluster that is kerborized. We created System DSN ODBC connection on both machines with the same name and with the same user that has admin privilege on both windows machines. The user has access to the big data cluster as well. I installed MIT Kerberos on both windows machine to be able to kinit the user on each.

when I open the dashboard using the URL provided, I got error of incorrect user name and password, I retry to re-enter the credentials multiple times.

"Some part of the data table '' could not be loaded. A data source may be missing or has been changed. "

Appreciate support for anyone faced such issue

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