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Searching Multiple Rows/Columns to Populate Column

Tom Wasylkiewicz

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Hi, was hoping to get some help across comparing data from multiple columns with the goal of populating Column D. Here is an example:


Column A Column B Column C Column D

Oper1 9/1/1990


Oper3 3/1/2021

Aper1 9/1/1990

Aper2 3/1/2021


I want to find for "Oper" and "Aper" (always 4 digit string on left in column A) which event (1, 2, or 3) is relevant (dictated by most recent date). Hoping someone can help me identify a function that will search the rows for "Oper" and look at the most recent date in Columns B and C. Ideal output in column D would be "Relevant" for Oper 3 and Aper 2, and "Irrelevant" for the other 4 rows. Thanks guys.

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Output for Column D below. Basically, in row 1 (Oper1 row), the function in Column D should search for "Oper" (left 4 elements of string in Column A) in all other rows in Column A, and find which row has the latest date in columns B and C. If that iteration of "Oper" is the latest, Column D returns a string "Relevant". If another "Oper" row has in columns B or C a more recent date, then Column D in row 1 should return as "Irrelevant". 


Column A    Column B       Column C    Column D


Oper1           9/1/1990                              Irrelevant


Oper2                                                       Irrelevant


Oper3          3/1/2021                               Relevant


Aper1           9/1/1990                              Irrelevant


Aper2                                3/1/2021         Relevant  


Aper3                                                      Irrelevant

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