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What are the command line arguments for installing Spotfire Analyst 7.6

Jimmy Lanier

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We are trying to create an install package to push to user computers so that Spotfire Analyst 7.6 will be installed automatically. We would like documentation for the command line arguments that would allow us to specify the server name, port, and other information required for the install.
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There is a Knowledge Base article in the Support system: How to silently install TIBCO Spotfire desktop client (Analyst) The main command-line parameters are the following:

SERVERURL" - This specifies the standard server that Spotfire will have defined when opening theSpotfire desktop client the first time.

"ALLUSERS" - If this is not set or if it is set to 0, then the program shortcuts will only be created for the account running the Installer.

"INSTALLDIR" - You can use this to specify where to install the program. If it is not specified the program will be installed in the standard %programfiles% folder.

There are specific examples and more details in the Knowledge Base article.

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