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Colour Rule Legend Display Names

Mark Herrmann

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Hi there,

we're using a set of document properties to allow the users to assign names to various subsets of the data and to allow consistent colouring independent of chosen name we're using rules with custom expressions in the colour properties as shown below. We have to keep the Display Name (2) empty as to reflect any changes in the property in the legend. However, doing so we always get the expression "Equal to" added to the legend (1). Is there any way we can supress this

Thanks, Mark

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Since your colors are consistent, I would just make an HTML panel and use labels for the names next to the color. You can use CSS to specify what kind of color icon you want (circle, square, etc.). I assue you have document properties per each subset grouping and a mechanism for the user to change the value.
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It's honestly not that hard.  Start with this website for some basic HTML & CSS. I reference it constantly.

https://www.w3schools.com/You can use a <table> tag to define a grid like Excel, add a background color to one of the cells, a blank cell, and then a 3rd cell with a label from Spotfire pointing to your document property. Might take you an hour to figure it out.

<table> <tr> <!-- table row -->  <td style="background-color: #ff0000;"> <!-- table cell -->  <td>  </td> <!-- blank cell for clarity  -->  <td>xxxxxx </td> <!-- spotfire label that points to a document property  --> </tr></table>


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