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Sunburst Mod

Frank Senner

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Frank, I added your post to my watch just to see how much time will pass until you solve your need.


Unless someone (or Tibco) does the Mod for you, you need to realize that a mod is a JavaScript charting code inserted into a boilerplate autogenerated by Spotfire.  D3JS.org hosts JavaScript code examples for most modern visualizations, Sunburst including. Most likely, you won't understand the code initially, but many people using D3 don't understand it either, they just copy and paste. I would recommend to start with JSViz rather than the Mod, it is more mature thus more documented version of pretty much the same thing. It took me a week of self-learning to reproduce a standard chart from d3js gallery in Spotfire and I knew nothing about JavaScript before. Learning to customize it took much longer. 

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If this could help you, our partner company IQVIA have released a number of custom visualisations built on top of JSViz framework into the public domain. It has a mention of the "Sunburst chart". You could follow up on that.

github repo : for some code reference.

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Thank you! I use the Spotfire Cloud Version. I need support in creating a Sunburst plot in this cloud version. I read all the info and I am not sure to how do it. Support is crucial for me as many of my colleagues think about using Spotfire as new users in my organization with the sunburst plot.
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