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buildSPK - Error in .buildPkgList

Bobby Neelon 2

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I'm not sure if this is tied to my issues inhttps://community.spotfire.com/questions/tidyverse-wrong-object-type-symbol-call-cdror not.

I am trying to update an SPK that I have. Until now it's been no problem at all, but I am now getting an error tied to the 'readr' package.



Error in .buildPkgList(env, base:::.parsePackageDepends(desc$Imports) : package 'readr' has version 1.3.1 but version 1.4.0 is requiredHere is what my current SPK looks like:




Built: TERR 5.1.0; 2021-05-25 11:05:12 CDT

BuiltFile: AnalystSPK.spk

BuiltName: TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R Packages fcecf10b

BuiltId: fcecf10b-6eb7-49df-9120-14acd45445c5


BuiltPackages: DBI (>=1.1.0),KernSmooth (>=2.23-18),MASS (>=7.3-53),R6

(>=2.5.0),Rcpp (>=1.0.5),askpass (>=1.1),base64enc

(>=0.1-3),bit (>=4.0.4),bit64 (>=4.0.5),blob (>=1.2.1),class

(>=7.3-17),classInt (>=0.4-3),cli (>=2.5.0),crayon

(>=1.4.1),curl (>=4.3),dplyr (>=1.0.6),e1071 (>=1.7-4),ellipsis

(>=0.3.1),fansi (>=0.4.1),generics (>=0.1.0),geosphere

(>=1.5-10),glue (>=1.4.2),hms (>=1.0.0),httpuv (>=1.5.4),httr

(>=1.4.2),jsonlite (>=1.7.2),later (>=,lattice

(>=0.20-41),lifecycle (>=1.0.0),magrittr (>=2.0.1),mime

(>=0.9),odbc (>=1.3.0),openssl (>=1.4.3),pillar

(>=1.6.0),pkgconfig (>=2.0.3),promises (>=1.1.1),purrr

(>=0.3.4),rgdal (>=1.5-18),rlang (>=0.4.11),sf (>=0.9-8),sp

(>=1.4-4),stringi (>=1.4.6),stringr (>=1.4.0),sys

(>=3.4),tibble (>=3.1.1),tidyr (>=1.1.1),tidyselect

(>=1.1.0),units (>=0.6-7),utf8 (>=1.1.4),vctrs (>=0.3.8),wkb

(>=0.4-0)I have confirmed that the current Open Source version of 'readr' is 1.4.0.


But it seems the only version that TERR is allowing, currently, is version 1.3.1.

I assume that Tidyverse has readr 1.4.0 as a dependecy and that's why this is failing

Is there any timeline for this to be updated


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